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Author: The Gin Boutique  

Feeling curious? image

Feeling curious?

There’s more to loving gin than G’n’Ts and Martinis. This take on an Old Fashioned will reward those with courage and curiosity. Whisky lovers are guaranteed a new thrill, and gin connoisseurs …well for you a world of sophistication awaits. Steps:

1. In a mixing vessel, muddle 1 teaspoon each of sugar and water into a syrup (tip – try different sugars, e.g, white, palm, brown, dark – they really change this baby, but for me it’s the palm sugar!)

2. Add 60ml of barrel aged Australian craft gin from The Gin Boutique (Never waste your time on this bad boy with non-barrel aged gin), and stir gently.

3. Pour over cracked ice into an old fashioned glass already laced with a heavy dash of Angostura bitters, and a garnish of peel of a blood orange (though a regular orange will suffice).

4. Stir. Bask in your (my) brilliance. Say “thank you”. Boom! Your welcome.

Now… where’d that microphone roll?




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