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Authentic Craft Gin

Celebrating Authentic Craft Gin in Australia

In creating an online hub for craft gin in Australia, The Gin Boutique aims to bring authentic small batch gins to a national audience of gin lovers and to individuals looking to purchase truly unique gifts for family or friends.

We take pride in ensuring only authentic craft gins get onto our range. This sounds like a pretty simple proposition, yet there is a lot of industry conjecture about exactly what makes an authentic craft gin. The Gin Boutique does not have the definitive answer, partly because it is very subjective, but we do have guidelines which automatically discount some gin brands for being sold through our site.

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Authentic, Hand-crafted Gin

Terms like hand crafted, bespoke, craft or artisan, are frequently used when describing various brands of gin, just as they are for particular types of beer, wine and other spirits. The paradox is many brands that market themselves this way are not actually ‘hand crafted’ in any capacity. Instead, they are produced with no intimate human interaction at any stage throughout the entire production process. Based purely on the absence of human interaction, many gin types cannot genuinely be referred to as hand crafted, bespoke, craft or artisan.

Made With TLC

The gins we stock are crafted with love and TLC* — two ingredients that are difficult to replicate, yet essential for the creation of truly authentic, high-quality craft gins. We believe that every gin sold by The Gin Boutique has a unique and deeply individual story. These distinctive narratives start with the community where the gin is distilled, and include the selection, sourcing and composition of botanicals, plus the methods used to distil.

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Only Genuine Craft Gin

The Gin Boutique will only stock gin that is made by the owners of the distillery. Our partner distillers are honest about the sourcing of the products and their methods used to distil their gin. They have all invested heavily in their distilling ventures; they have skin in the game and they are risking more than brand reputation every time they produce a batch. We appreciate their work and hope that through our site we become advocates for their trade. Every bottle of gin on our virtual shelves is authentic. They are all true craft gins.

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