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About Us

The story of The Gin Boutique

The Gin Boutique is an Australian owned and fully independent business that is dedicated to the promotion of genuine craft gin. We aim to create an online hub for high-quality, small batch gins that have been crafted by independent distilleries.

We are dedicated to sharing our love of gin.

We have been ‘researching’ gin for a long time. We appreciate the time, effort, and ultimately the true craftsmanship required to produce a bottle of craft gin ready for market. We love the fact that because gin can be distilled with a wide variety of botanicals, the product range is vast and as such, it becomes a very versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in many ways.

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High-quality Craft Gin

Gin has fallen in and out of consumer popularity many times over the years. Currently, the sector is on a high, and we are fortunate in Australia to have many established and newly created distilleries that are consistently producing high-quality gin. We are excited about the fact the consumption of gin is growing in all demographics within Australia, and it is being shared and enjoyed by more and more people every year.

Advocates for Australian Gin Distillers

At The Gin Boutique, we aim to be advocates for the Australian gin distillers; we want to tell their story and celebrate the diversity of the craft gin industry in Australia. We want to encourage consumers to move away from looking at the big brands as their first choice for quality gin, and we would like them to instead try something a little different from a smaller (truly genuine) craft distiller.

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Packaged with care

The Gin Boutique caters for both lovers of gin and individuals looking to buy a truly unique gift for family and friends — our virtual shelves are stacked with products you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. Every bottle we sell is beautifully packaged.

When life serves you lemons, get out the gin

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The Gin Boutique

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